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Metal Estate Fencing Key Benefits. Reasons to Choose Metal Fencing


As a home, land or business owner, you’ll naturally want to add value to your property, keep it protected and looking good. Installing Metal Estate Fencing is a popular choice due to the many key benefits it provides.

Rather than ‘sitting on the fence’ about what type of fence to choose, let’s look at the advantages Metal Estate Fencing…


One of the most common reasons to purchase Metal Estate Fencing is for the durability it offers. Whilst timber fences are strong, unless they are treated, they can develop wood rot or suffer an infestation of termites, harming the integrity of the structure. Metal Fencing on the other hand is built to last as it won’t warp, rot or be eaten.

At Miles Henderson we proudly use British Standard Steel as it resists chipping, peeling and cracking, is non-combustible, termite resistant and is better for the environment as a recyclable material.


Many property owners purchase Metal Estate Fencing because of the value it affords. It’ll last for years and with the support of our Continuous Weld method, it will require very little to no maintenance.

We favour installing our Estate Metal Fencing with a Continuous Weld method as it increases strength and durability. Bolts and wedges tend to become loose over time whereas the Continuous Weld method enables our Metal Fencing to follow contours of uneven ground levels, and flow seamlessly through curves.

Metal Estate Fencing that’s durable, adaptable and cost effective!


Everyone wants to feel safe in their home and on their property. A perimeter of steel provides protection while looking elegant and robust. Wood fencing will wear if not maintained, creating cracks or soft spots that are easily opened by foe or beast.

Metal Estate Fencing doesn’t deteriorate thus remaining a secure choice for the boundary of your property!


Metal Fencing is a great option for those looking for an ‘easy to maintain’ fencing solution. Once professionally installed, it’s recommended to paint the steel with metal paint to protect it from rust formation, which can be caused by rain.

Miles Henderson Estate Fencing and Metal Gates are finished to any choice of RAL colour. These coatings are chosen for a high build, high resistance barrier and are spray applied.

No required monthly maintenance, and because of its outstanding anti-corrosion performance, your Estate Metal Fencing will look great year-after-year!


Opting for Metal Fencing is popular due to the aesthetic value it provides. It’s also fully customisable to match your environmental requirements and existing style.

Estate Metal Fencing can be cut to suit height, width, dips and privacy requirements, with the option to be combined with our Bespoke Metal Gates -with or without automation.

Estate Metal Fencing is very pleasing to the eye thanks to its crisp lines. A sleek, traditional or contemporary look that can boost the value of your property and uplift your home, land or business.


With its ease of maintenance and pleasing, modern aesthetic, Estate Metal Fencing is a firm favourite. Due to its strong, robust construction, Metal Fencing provides a security, durability and an attractive look to your property, outlasting any other type of fencing.

Metal Fencing will also save you money in the long run as you won’t incur any extra maintenance costs or need to replace your fence as regularly, if at all!

Metal Estate Fencing is a great benefit to any property as it delivers what you need while standing the test of time and looking great.

Peruse Our Products to see which of the Metal Estate Fencing ranges suits your land.

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