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Advantages of Welding in Traditional Estate Fencing & Metal Gates

Advantages of Welding in Traditional Estate Fencing & Metal Gates

At Miles Henderson we favour using welding in our ranges of Traditional Estate Fencing and Metal Gates because, in short, welding is stronger than nuts and bolts or rivets.

  • Welding is a permanent attachment method. Once a weld is made the part must be badly damaged or destroyed to disassemble it.
  • Welding can create a continuous joint with lower stress concentrations, whereas bolting will always have stress concentrations at each bolt.
  • Bolting two components is not permanent. The parts can be readily disassembled if one of them is damaged or the parts have diminished.
  • A Continuous Weld Method is used in applications where a Hermetic (airtight) Seal is required.

To accomplish a Hermetic Seal with a bolted joint also requires additional components, incurring extra cost.

What is Welding?

Welding is a process of seamlessly combining two or more pieces of metal together using heat and pressure. When heat is applied to metal it becomes soft, enabling parts to be joined by applying adequate pressure.

The concept of welding has been in existence since the middle ages when metal pieces were first heated on a flame at very high temperatures before being hammered together to join them. This method was later replaced using electric and gas flames which proved to be safer and faster for welders.

Inge Lyse, a Norwegian engineer was appointed professor at Lehigh University from 1931 to 1938, and a professor in ‘Concrete and Massive Bridges’ at the Norwegian Institute of Technology from 1938 to 1968. In 1935 he wrote a paper Advantages of Welding in Continuous Structures, Welding Journal. Read more on the paper…

Here Lyse writes;

“RIGIDITY OF WELDED AND RIVETED CONNECTIONS, although we generally consider riveted connections as being free or unrestrained, this is actually not so. A considerable amount of rigidity may be produced by the rivets, but because of the many uncertainties which enter any riveted connection it ‘would probably· be inadvisable for designers to take rigidity of riveted connections much into account. With welded connections, however, we have comparatively little difficulty in producing an appreciable amount of rigidity, and we can readily carry the welded connection toward a fully rigid joint.”

If It ‘Aint Broke, Don’t Fix It!

Although written decades ago, Lyse’s argument for welding has stood the test of time in both theory and practise. At Miles Henderson we traditionally use the Continuous Weld method when handcrafting and installing our range of Traditional Estate Fencing & Metal Gates, because of its strength, rigidity, longevity and cost effectiveness.

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